As a new notary, you may be wondering what you should put in your notary profile and portfolio.  Let’s discuss what vital information goes in these two important informational tools.

Contact Information

One of the more obvious pieces of information you will want to include in your profile and/or portfolio is your contact information.  Including this information is a no-brainer.  However, just be sure you are thorough.  Viewers should be able to see your phone number(s), email address, and website in the contact information area.  You may also include your way to contact preference.  For instance, if you are open to receiving text messages then say so.  Some prefer not to use texting when initially communicating with potential clients so be up front if you do not accept texts.

Also include your days and hours of operation of availability.  If you work holidays potential clients will want to know that. 

Finally, include your coverage area.  Your coverage area may consist of your city and surrounding areas and counties.  Be specific so potential clients will know beforehand if you even service their area or not.

About Me

Another important part of your portfolio and profile is the About Me section.  In this section include how long you have been a notary/loan signing agent and your experience in the industry.  Here is where you can say something unique about yourself or show how and/or why you stand out from others.  Perhaps you are available outside of normal working hours for emergencies.  Or maybe you offer same-day service.  If you have done many notarizations you might include how many you’ve done if you’re comfortable doing so.  It’s not necessary to say how many notarizations or loan signings you’ve done, but keep in mind that any extra information you can offer about you or your business that helps you stand out is a win-win!  Let people know why you are the best person for the job.

Notary Specifics

Another thing to put in your notary profile and portfolio is the specifics of you as a notary. Do you speak another language besides English?  Say so!  Are you commissioned in more than one state?  Let them know! Do you have your E&O Insurance?  Speak up!  What about a surety bond?  Tell it!  The goal is to show potential clients that they should pick you as their notary.

Credentials and Services

In the Credentials and Services section, you can include accreditation information, types of notarizations performed, and even your notary capabilities.  For instance, let’s look at some notary accreditations.  One such accreditation you can list if applicable to you is being NNA (National Notary Association) Certified.  There are many benefits to being a certified loan signing agent. Are you a member of the American Society of Notaries?  If so, then that is another item to add to your credentials.  If there’s some sort of test or requirement to join an organization and become certified then that is a way to show your expertise.

Listing the types of notarizations you perform is another way to display your expertise and credentials.  Have you performed loan signings? Do you have experience doing E or remote online notarizations?  If you have a specialization such as apostilles, weddings, adoptions, etc. then add those to your portfolio as well. 

Are you capable of doing scanbacks, faxbacks, legal sized paper printing, E documents, or something else?  Well you know the drill-include that also!

Finally, feel free to add equipment you use, any tag lines or marketing slogans you use, that your background checked, and a professional head shot.

Happy notarizing!

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