Are you interested in becoming a blogger, or are you one already but not getting the outcomes you want? Many people only see and focus on one side of blogging not considering the many aspects and tasks that go into it.  As a blogger you may read other blogger’s income reports and get a false sense of blogging. Or perhaps you believe blogging is easy. Some even think blogging equals overnight success.  They have no ideal what it takes to be successful as a blogger. Since there are no guarantees in blogging (or life for that matter), even if you put into action all the recommendations below, there’s still a chance you may not succeed as a blogger.  However, your chances of being a successful blogger go up substantially if you focus on a few crucial areas.  There’s four areas of blogging I believe all bloggers need to learn and understand. Let’s discuss the best resources for a successful blog.

I will never discourage anyone from their dream of blogging.  What I will do is give you a realistic picture of blogging and some resources you can use so that you can make the best decision on if blogging is for you or not. 

Some decide to blog as a hobby.  Others blog with the intention of making money.  If the latter is you, then let me share the areas of blogging with you that I wish someone had shared with me when I first became a blogger.  My life as a blogger would have been much easier had I taken the time to learn about four main areas of blogging beforehand. 

The four areas of blogging that are super important to learn and understand have helped me turn my blog into a business.  If you want to make money from your blog and/or turn it into a business, then keep reading. 

SEO, Strategies, social media (Pinterest), Traffic


One area that bloggers tend to glaze over is traffic!  You can’t just start a blog and think traffic will automatically come your way.  You have to actually perform tasks to bring traffic to your blog/website.

When I first started blogging, I had no clue what I was doing or how to bring traffic my way.  If that describes you then you’ll want to learn about different ways to bring your blog traffic.  If you need help with bringing traffic to your website, then you should check out this ebook that discusses strategies to increase your monthly page view and bring you traffic.  In fact, the ebook gives you 21 different strategies for getting traffic to your website.  And let me tell you, the author of the eBook knows what she’s talking about since she increased her monthly page views from 17K to 400K in just 10 months!  If the thought of reading the strategies in the ebook overwhelms you then just erase that thought from your head as the ebook is clear and easy to understand.  New bloggers and those struggling to grow their traffic will get tons of value from this ebook

Traffic Transformation covers blog promoting strategies, how to get the most from your posts, what to do when you publish a new post, social media and so much more.

So if you need help with your traffic and want to increase your page views then get the ebook on transforming your traffic and follow the action steps in the book.  Even if you’ve been blogging for a long while and have good traffic, I bet you’ll still learn something you didn’t know or can do better.

Also, the book has just recently been updated so you’ll be getting all the juicy strategies for what’s going on now in the internet world.   It also includes a 40-minute Google keyword research & optimization training video!

Income Strategies

If you want to make money from your blog, you need to have income strategies.  You can’t just start posting affiliate links in your blog post and social media and think you’re going to see the money roll in.  It doesn’t work that way unfortunately.  It would be nice if it did but remember the point of this post is to give you a realistic perspective about blogging as well as give you the resources you need help you be successful.  If you want to make consistent sales this ebook will teach you the exact income strategies for your blog to do just that.  Once you implement the strategies in the eBook, you will have money-making strategies into place.  

This eBook also helps you organize your blog.  It has over 65 strategies to help you make money on your blog.  It covers it all from affiliate tips to what to email your subscribers.

One tip to remember is that you should not rely on affiliate programs for making all your money.  Create your own products to sell as well to maximize and diversify your income.


The third area of blogging that often goes unchecked is SEO.  What is SEO?  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Understandably SEO overwhelms some bloggers and they don’t know where or how to learn about it or how to apply it to their business and website.

Perhaps you do know about SEO but aren’t sure if you’re doing it right.  It’s hard to optimize your posts for Google to rank them if you are just guessing at SEO.  Instead you should take a course that will not only help you understand SEO, but tells you what you need to do to grow organic traffic.  You never want to just get your traffic from one source.  That’s where SEO comes into play.  Traffic is traffic but organic traffic from SEO will bring you consistent traffic over the long haul and last for years. You won’t have to work as hard to get traffic if you do SEO now. 

So, what will this SEO ebook teach you?  For one you’ll learn the steps involved in the process for writing blog posts that rank.  You’ll also learn about what tools you should use for SEO as well as useful tips.

The point of SEO is to help search engines understand what your blog is all about so that they can send you the right traffic.  By right traffic I mean traffic from you target audience.  What will traffic from your target audience get you?  More sales!  You can get tons of traffic all day long but if the right people (target audience) isn’t going to your website then they are less likely to buy from you or have as much interest in what you have to offer.

If you want to master SEO even more or feel you can still use some additional help after taking the SEO ecourse then consider this additional SEO tool.

I’m loving this 102 point SEO Checklist which comes with several additional super useful tools.  For instance, in addition to the 102-point checklist you get a series of standard operating procedures (SOP) to follow with detailed instructions.  You also get an SEO Checklist ebook, a SEO Checklist Trello Board, a 52-week content planner, and more.

The SEO Checklist is a step-by-step framework where you take action to rank in Google faster. 

These SEO resources will assist you in not only understanding SEO but also in knowing what SEO tasks to implement and how.

Social Media

The final area to learn about to increase your chances of becoming a successful blogger and make money is in the Social Media arena.  There’s no need to utilize all the social media platforms but do pick at least 2 platforms to showcase your business.  The social media platform you use will depend on several factors such as your niche, what you’re offering, where your target audience hangs out, etc.

One social media platform I love which tends to bring bloggers lots of traffic is Pinterest.  But you must use the platform correctly.  This Pinterest ebook covers everything you need to utilize Pinterest to your website’s advantage.

Pinterest is my top social media platform for bringing me traffic. As with any platform it changes periodically.  No need to worry about that because whenever Pinterest changes things up the eBook is updated, and you get and updated copy.  The updated copy is always free no matter how many times updates are made.  Unfortunately, Pinterest isn’t as simple as it seems. You will need to learn and understand how the platform works.  The ebook shows you how to use SEO in Pinterest, how to work with the algorithm, and goes into depth on optimization.  For more inspiration read how you can increase your Pinterest and blog traffic. In fact, Pinterest is so popular among bloggers and businesses in bringing traffic to their websites that a whole job has been created regarding Pinterest.  You may have heard about it.  It’s called a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

As you can see these four areas tie together.  As a blogger, you must take action when it comes to SEO implementation, social media utilization, and traffic and income strategies if you want your blogging to pay off.  Give yourself a chance to learn each of these four areas of blogging if you want to give yourself the best possible change of being successful.  Sure, every now and then you may run across an amazing tale of a blogger who blew up overnight with minimal effort.  But that doesn’t happen often.  If you are serious about your blogging journey and don’t just see blogging as a hobby (although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that) then give yourself time to really learn the ins and outs to really level up and start earning money.

May you prosper as a blogger beyond what you can even imagine.

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