Group Guidelines

Welcome To Rat Race Resolutions.

I’m Ginger aka The Rat Race Solver™ and I created this group to be a safe, judgment free community for everyone and anyone interested in being a virtual assistant, notary, blogger, or entrepreneur. We all need a community of colleagues & friends.

Please take a moment to read the community guidelines below.

By being part of this community, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree, please remove yourself from the group.


Answer all 3 questions if you want to join the Facebook Group.

Future, New and Experienced VA’s:

Feel free to share your best practices, tips, tricks, do’s & don’ts to help your fellow members be successful.

Ask questions, ask for help, get involved, inspire others and make a difference.

Business Owners Looking For A VA:

Please feel free to post in this group if you are looking for a VA or team member.

  • Please try to remember:
    • Not to add any pricing details, e.g. hourly rates in the post. For further clarification please see #2 in the DON’Ts section further below.
    • Either remove the post or inform via a comment in the thread when you have filled the vacancy.
    • To ask people to follow the group guidelines and not add any links to their websites or social media profiles when commenting on your post.
    • To inform people how they can get in touch with you. For example, by adding your email address or giving permission to be contacted via Private Message or Email.
    • Do Not post asking to barter for services – it’s NOT allowed.


#1 (Self-) Promotion

Posts and comments related to your VA business, training, mentoring or coaching programs that include the details mentioned in below bullet points will be deleted by the admins. Please note there is a zero tolerance policy for any type of self-promotion for your business, products or services in the group. If you’re looking to hire someone, please refer to section on Business Owners looking for a VA above.

  • Links to your website, Facebook page, Facebook group, LinkedIn Profile, book, blogposts, other social media profiles…
  • Branded images that include your website’s URL, email address, logo…
  • You asking others to add the URL of their website, Facebook page, Facebook group, book, blogpost… in a comment.
  • Soliciting members to join your group.
  • Promoting a friend’s business or other VA Facebook or LinkedIn groups.
  • Surveys are NOT permitted.
  • No Facebook Live Trainings permitted in the group.
  • This is not the group for you to pitch your new Virtual Assistant training or coaching programs or ask for their input on your survey.

#2 Pricing Discussions

  • Due to Facebook, LinkedIn and FTC compliance rules any and all discussions, posts, comments or threads that relate to exact pricing models or rates for services will be deleted at the discretion of the admins.
  • You may ask for advice, but responses need to be handled via private messages.

#3 Asking for Work

  • This group is NOT for asking for work or posting your resume.
  • Any post or comment will be deleted by the admins.

#4 Looking For Students Or Coaching Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Training Or Coaching Business.

  • Please refrain from pitching your programs in this group, this includes surveys asking for input from group members.
  • Do not Direct Message members of this group to promote or sell your services.

#5 Affiliate Links

  • Posts and comments that include affiliate links will be deleted.

#6 Language

  • Bullying, name-calling, using profane, defamatory, offensive or violent language will not be tolerated and will result in being removed from the group.
  • Be professional.
  • This is a place for helping others, building each other up not tearing them down. If you disagree, do so professionally and move on.

#7 Private Message (PM)

  • Do not Private Message or Email members of this group if they haven’t asked you to do so.
  • It’s against Facebook + LinkedIn rules and you will be removed.

#8 “(Admin) Please Delete If Not Allowed”

  • Any post that starts or includes this type of phrase will be deleted by the admins. Why? Show initiative! If you aren’t sure that something you want to post is allowed please go back to the group guidelines and check.

#9 Bartering

  • Posts and comments looking for ways to barter will be deleted.

Every post in the group is made by an individual poster, and we don’t accept any responsibility for the content.

If you acquire goods or services from other members, the relationship is your responsibility. You release us from responsibility in relation to such arrangements.

We reserve the right to remove members at our discretion at anytime without notice or reason.

If you’re a LinkedIn Group Member and are unsure of anything, please send me an email via LinkedIn.

If you’re a member of the Facebook Group and are unsure of anything, please send a private Facebook message to a moderators listed below.