Notary Supplies

There are quite a lot of notary supplies, but the most important items needed are a seal to stamp certificates, the certificates and finally a notary journal.

A notary journal is extremely important because it serves as a backup for you and your clients. If your client misplaces their certificate, they can come back to you to get proof that they conducted a signing.  A notary journal can save you and our clients, not to mention how helpful it is for referring back to and keeping documentation in a safe place.

Other items that can be added to your supplies are customized or situation specific certificates. Although stock certificates are just as effective, having more specialized certificates which you can procure from suppliers will make you look professional and well equipped.

You may also consider purchasing a seal embosser, notary supply pocket, and state notary handbooks (optional).  Notary handbooks are specific for each state.  They are very helpful in assisting you with conducting your notary duties as they contain valuable and handy information at your fingertips that will help guide you along the way.