Become a notary public and discover how you can make quick and easy money

Did you know that notaries are in high demand and that there are several different types of notaries to choose from? This makes the decision to become one as a way to make money a no-brainer!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You keep saying your going to start a business but you become overwhelmed or it takes too much effort, time, and money to get started? Not to mention all the research you need to become knowledgeable enough to get going. Well that's where this course comes in. All the research and work has been done for you to get started as notary.

Become a notary in a few weeks and start making money right away.  In some states becoming a notary is only a matter of applying with no testing/exam or training classes required.  No degree is required.

There are unlimited options due to the different types of notaries such as loan signing notaries, mobile notaries, electronic signing notaries, wedding officiant notaries, will and trust notaries, and more.

Notary publics are in high demand and needed by several businesses including real estate offices, law firms, banks, and more.  Many individuals also need notary services to notarize their documents.


What if you could...

Be your own boss

Set your own hours

Start your own business

Make extra money

Obtain a valuable skillset that is in high demand

Increase your worth with your employer


how to become a notary public

A course that covers everything you need to know to become a notary.

This course does not cover the specialized notary niches that can make notaries  even more money.  Those types of courses should be taken as additional courses as they each teach  individual skillsets that complement being a general notary public. 

More courses that address those niches coming soon…

Here's what you'll get

Enroll in the course now and you can be making money in a few short weeks.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Regardless of what happens in the economy or in the world for that matter, people always need notaries.   

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this course is designed to show you how to get licensed as a general notary without having to do the research yourself. Although it’s a foundational course, it does offer more than just the basics, so although it’s a basic course, I wouldn’t call it basic in nature.

You will need to take additional courses to learn about how to be a notary in specialized niches.

However, to get started you will need to become a basic notary first, which is what this course teaches.  Then once you get your feet wet you can expand your knowledge and skills for even more earning potential.

No, this course teaches how to become licensed as a notary not how to perform notary duties.

Yes, it is possible if you are willing to put in the work and learn the different notary niches to expand your options and opportunities.  I know some making  very nice living doing so now.

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