Marketing yourself as a notary to get leads, clients, etc. can be challenging at times.  You want to reach a widespread group of people and let them know about you and your services.  After all, most everyone needs notary services at some point in time.

There are many ways to market yourself but today let’s talk about one way that is particularly effective.  Have you heard of Thumbtack?  You can receive many notary jobs if you set up your account right.   

Thumbtack helps match consumers with local professionals for a variety of different services.  With over 10 million active users anyone can generate leads and grow their business.  Here’s how you can use Thumbtack to gain more business.

What is Thumbtack

The platform allows you to either bid on leads or get leads organically.  Before zoning out at the word “bid” keep reading.  Yes, bidding on leads can make you feel like you’re just adding another expense to your business like when you run Facebook and Google ads.  However, on Thumbtack’s platform, you only pay for the lead if they contact you.  In addition, if you’re totally against bidding you have the other option-getting your leads organically.  If you set up your profile correctly you won’t ever have to pay for leads.  The leads will come straight to your in box! When your profile is strategically set up your chances of getting a constant stream of work is high.  

Thumbtack also offers many tips, guides, forums, and resources to help one be successful on the platform. 

Getting Set Up

First things first, you’ll want to set up a Thumbtack professional. You can do that by signing up for Thumbtack Pro.

Click “join as a Pro” and follow the prompts or just click here to sign up.

From there you will fill out two fields.  The top field you will type in what service you offer and then the second field you type in your City and State.  So, in the image below the word “Notary” is typed and from there “Notarization” is chosen. 

In the second image below, you can see what options come up when you type in “Notary”:

If you want to focus on some other type of service besides notary services, then you would just type in whatever key word you think will help you choose the best option.  For instance, instead of “notary” someone might choose “virtual assistant” or “handyman” if those are the services one wants to offer customers. 

As mentioned earlier, you can generate leads with Thumbtack by using the paid option or organically. With the paid option you can do things like set a weekly budget and set target preferences.  There’s also a refund option in the event the customer does not contact you.

With the organic option customers can find you through natural means like through a search. The changes of customers finding you through this avenue will depend on things like your profile, reviews, and pricing.  The customer will reach out to you if you are offering the service they’re looking for.  From there you and the customer will discuss the job in more detail and then this is usually when the customer decides if they want your business or not. 

Remember, it is very important to add targeting preferences to be sure you get the type of jobs you desire. 

You will add your target preferences under Your Services (see image below).

Once you add all the services you are adding then you choose your targeting preferences under that Services.

Here’s an example of the type of preferences you can choose from for Notarization Services.  Take note that the Notarization Service is under “Legal Service Provider Services” for when you get ready to add our services.  For your target preferences for Notarization Services, you will answer questions about the number of signatures to notarize, if you’re willing to travel to customers or if they must come to you, etc.

Customer Reach

Be prepared to be helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to interacting with a potential customer.  When a potential customer reaches out to you be professional and ready to guide them to making the right choice-which is to hire you!

Every person on Thumbtack is different.  Some customers may know exactly what they’re looking for and need no help from you.  They just want to find someone who can get the job done.  Then there will be other customers who need guidance and advice.  Regardless, they are on Thumbtack for a reason-to hire someone to do a job or perform a service. 

When a customer gets on Thumbtack, they type in the search what job or service they need done and where (see image below). 

The customer will then get a list of pros when the search results are complete.  From there they can choose which pro(s) to reach out to for their services.

You’ll only show up in search results after setting your preferences. The closer you are to the top, the more likely customers will see you. 

Depending on which filters and options the customer chooses the list of pros updates accordingly to show pros who match the job.  Filters such as your job preferences and pricing may match your preferences. Therefore, being flexible when you choose your preferences will help you get more matches.   

Here are some things to consider and best practices when it comes to your profile aka business card. 

Be sure to include a photo in your profile.  It helps the customer to connect with you.  Your photo does not have to be a professional photo but don’t just put any old’ photos up either.  Make sure you are wearing appropriate professional attire and your picture shows your face clearly. 

Reviews really help to boost a profile. Confidence in hiring you increases when customers read good reviews about you.  If you are just starting out and don’t have any reviews yet that’s still okay.  Customers will still see you out.  Just be sure to showcase your expertise in your profile instead. 

I can’t stress enough how important it is to set up your targeting preferences correctly so that you show up in search results.  Not only do you want to show up in search results, but you want to make sure you’re showing up for the right jobs and services too.  As an example, you don’t want to get leads for a virtual assistant when you’re looking for notary leads.  Having said this, pros who barely fill out their profile are getting several notary job leads a day.  Just think how many more they could be getting if they really focused on making their profile top notch.    

Try to add helpful details about your business.  For instance, if you find yourself getting asked the same type of questions repeatedly consider adding information about the question and answer in your profile.  Or, add some FAQs.

One way to connect with potential customers is to show photos of your work or performing a service pertaining to work.  Potential customers will love to get a glimpse inside your day as a professional. 

Make sure the title has relevant keys words and is informational in nature.

Your bio should showcase and display your knowledge, skills, and abilities.  This is where you can sell yourself.  Try to cover key information such as experience, services, and credentials.

If you’re just starting out on Thumbtack you may want to keep your pricing lower than other similar pros on the platform until you gain customers and get a few reviews.  Make sure your pricing is clear.  If you’re not sure what to charge, check out some of the other similar profiles in the industry to see what they are charging.  Eventually you are increase your pricing as time goes on.

Finally, work at getting some reviews up.  Don’t be shy about asking customers for reviews after completing a job or service for them.  Just be sure you did a great job for them before asking!

One nice perk about Thumbtack is the Thumbtack Pro Rewards program where your status can go to silver, gold, or platinum.  Some of the perks of these statuses include: workshops on success, quick phone support, a Top Pro badge on your profile, a 1-year anniversary gift, and marketing support.

To earn these status upgrades, you will have to earn points by accepting jobs and responding to new leads. 

Thumbtack will send you direct leads that match your targeting preferences. Then it’s up to you to turn that person into a customer.

There’s a “Lead” section and an “Opportunity” section.  You’re welcome to browse opportunities you’re interested in and then send the customer a message. You only pay if they respond. However, the price, is shown upfront.

You should respond to direct leads first since you pay for those.

If you play your cards right and fill out your profile strategically with target preferences, having to pay for customers won’t be a thing. 

Be sure your notification setting is on so that you can read and respond to messages quickly.  Those who respond in a timely manner are more likely to get the job. 


If you follow these tips and guidelines Thumbtack can help you accelerate your online visibility and business growth.

Just remember, every platform isn’t for everyone.  There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have success on Thumbtack but if for some reason you don’t, review the tips in this article, and then move on if you discover it’s not for you. 

There are tons of ways to bring customers to your business.  Thumbtack is just one of them.

Happy Notarizing!

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