How to Make Quick Money (in one day)

When you’re strapped for cash finding ways to make quick money can be challenging to say the least. However, most everyone has items that are just taking up space that they either don’t really use anymore or want to upgrade. Here is a solution to get quick money if you fit into either category, and it’s a lot easier than you think.

How it Works

Have you heard of Decluttr? Decluttr is the fastest way to sell your unwanted CDs, DVDs, Games, Game Consoles, Blu-Rays, Books, Tablets, Kindles, Smart Watches, LEGO’s (yep, I said LEGO’s) and other tech items!

It’s completely free, and it’s easy to get started too. If you’re a tech person and love gadgets but know you have too many or they’re a bit outdated for your taste, and you want to replace them then you should definitely check out Decluttr.

They pay good and on average offer 33% more than selling back to your carrier when it comes to selling your cell phone and also offer free insured shipping. They also have next day payments!

They’ll send you a FREE shipping label – just stick it to your box and drop your items off at one of the thousands of locations throughout the country. Alternatively, you can take your items down to any UPS Authorized Retail Outlet, Customer Center or Drop Box (if you have under 25 items). Or, give your box to a UPS driver.

Make sure your stuff is in decent condition, original, and has no missing parts. They will not accept junk or damaged items!

Top Items to Sell

Here are their Top 3 most traded items and the amounts they’re currently paying for them…

1. Cell Phones

Current most traded : iPhone 6S 32GB
Current Trade Price: $160










2. Tablets

Current most traded: iPad 4 Wi-Fi 32GB
Current Trade Price: $86








3. Consoles

Current most traded: Xbox 360
Current Trade Price: $22









Tech trade-in’s especially cell phones are paying the most right now. However, don’t let that stop you from trading other items.

Don’t sleep on making some quick and easy money. You probably have some items around the house that you’ve forgotten about. I’ve already found 2 items around the house that I plan on selling on Decluttr. You may be surprised just how much extra cash you can make today just by looking around.


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