Time and Productivity Hacks

If you’ve ever looked at other entrepreneurs and wondered how they managed to get it all done, the answer might surprise you.

They’ve got good systems. They’ve also mastered time and productivity hacks as well. .

It’s true. The most productive people all have one thing in common: they don’t reinvent the wheel every day. Instead, they’ve figured out the best, most efficient way to do every task, and they create a system to do just that.

No matter what business you’re in and what projects you find yourself tackling, a systemized approach will help you:

  • Work faster and produce more
  • Produce higher quality results with fewer mistakes
  • Easily outsource the tasks you don’t like to do

Utilizing these tools and resources will help you set up a business management system in no time.

The Magic of Templates

How many times do you answer email from potential clients? What about responding to customer complaints? Or mailing your clients and subscribers about an upcoming launch?

All of these tasks and more become effortless when you create fill-in-the-blank templates that can be repurposed for specific cases/people. Templates can be as simple as a “canned response” in your email client or help desk, or you can use software such as Text Expander (for Mac) or Phrase Express (for Windows). You might even create a template document in Dropbox or Google Drive to house all your templates for easier access.

While templates will undoubtedly save you time, the real beauty is that once they’re created, you can easily outsource things like email and even sales. Simply instruct your assistant on the proper use of your templates, and you’ll be free to do other, more important things.

Checklists Prevent Mistakes

It might seem counterintuitive, but when you perform the same tasks over and over again, it’s easy to miss a critical step. You might think you paid your affiliates this month—you might even remember doing it—only to look back and see it was never completed.

But when you implement checklists, it’s suddenly much more difficult to miss an important task.

You can easily create checklists for all your common tasks and projects using nothing more than a text document. If you’re managing a team, checklists in your project management system allow you to see exactly what tasks are complete, and which are still outstanding.

Templates and checklists turn smart business owners into productivity superstars, and it’s easy to get started. The next time you answer an email you’ve answered before, save your response. The next time you set up a new product in your shopping cart or create a new opt-in page, take the time to record the steps. These documents will make future projects easier and faster to complete, and best of all, you can hand them off to your assistant to do instead.

If you really want to be more productive, organized, and save time, then consider an all-in-one client management solution designed exclusively for virtual assistants.  Although you certainly don’t have to be a VA to make use of management systems.

Adminja keeps everything organized and at your fingertips. You can store leads, tasks, notes, files, bookmarks and much more as well.

Just think…no more trying to keep everything in your head, or having notepads everywhere using that as your business system.  With everything all in one place you’ll finally be able to focus and not worry about where to find your vital information.

Capturing and Tasking

You can also take care of your invoicing and billing needs, lead captures forms, and workspace inboxes.  There are tons of task management tools and features such as reminders, tasks and subtask, task discussions, task-specific budgets, logs, file attachments, sorting, filtering, and searching and calendar tasks.


There’s a dashboard that shows your weekly task and time progress, a leadboard system for sales, client summaries, workflow and trend graphs, color-coded due dates at a glance, and in-browser, OS, and email notifications to help you keep tabs on just about everything.


With everything already in one system, client invoicing is so simple. You can even create invoices from client plans, time entries, and line item charges. One of my favorite features is being able to override any time or line items at the invoice stage without altering your historical data.  It also keeps a record of payments and tracks invoice status.


I love creating various time reports for clients, tasks, and team members.  Those same reports can be downloaded, printed, and emailed as a PDF.  Using the export feature has helped me with forecasting.


If you want to save time (and who doesn’t?!) then definitely take advantage of the automation feature that automates client plan renewals, repeats tasks, and captures leads using their embeddable leads forms.


As your business grows undoubtedly, you’ll want to start a team.  Using their team features allows you to delegate tasks, collaborate in task discussions, assign workspace/client access to members, safely hide sensitive information and tasks from non-admins, and monitor for task and plan budget overages with notifications.

But if you don’t have a team or don’t have clients, you can use workspaces for more than just clients.  Workspaces organize all your information, tasks, and time, etc. for one client or organization.  Therefore, you can create workspaces to use internally or to manage clients.

However, if you’d like, your clients can create task requests and notes via email using workspace inboxes.

So if you’re ready to increase your increase productivity, save time, and scale your business, then Adminja is your answer!

I can’t tell you how much of a lifesaver Adminja has been for me.  There’s no way I can possibly explain all the features and how they work in this one post. You can read all about it but using the system yourself is best if you want to see and understand how it works and how it can help you. That’s where the 30-day free trial comes in.  Try it out first and test the waters.

My business life has become so much easier using this system.

If you decide to try it let me know how you like it.  Or, if you’re already using this system tell me why you chose it.


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