Have you been struggling to expand your audience reach, get traffic on your website or blog, and gain more followers in general? If so then keep reading.  After a lot of experimenting and researching, I’ve finally figured the right strategy when it comes to Pinterest. I have more than one website and this strategy has really helped my blog grow.  Now that I know these tools work, I’m going to use the same strategy on this website.

Basically, you need these 5 tools/resources to perfect your Pinterest game.  Now when it comes to blogging nothing is guaranteed.  But if you use these tools and resources you will see an increase in your Pinterest following, an increase in engagement, and an increase in re-pins.  And we all know what that means.   More traffic to your website!

Now don’t forget in addition to these 5 resources/tools you still have to be creative with your pin headlines.  I mean you can’t just title your pin “how to win at life”.  You should instead say something like “how to manifest anything you want in life”.  You see the difference? Would you want to click on a pin that just said “how to win at life”?  Probably not.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty!

If you’re like me and have zero creativity when it comes to creating Pinterest Pins then you know that creating alluring pins can be very challenging.

Why it never dawned on me to utilize these tools before is beyond me.  Let me take that back.  I was utilizing a couple of them.  But not consistently and not altogether.  That’s what really took my Pinterest game to the next level.  I mean I had a great foundation after reading Pinterest Ninja (resource # 1).  But you also have to actually apply the principles and strategies in the book.  I did eventually start applying the principles but something was still missing for me.  I mean don’t get me wrong.  If you do nothing else, then get Pinterest Ninja.  I cannot say enough great things about this ebook.  It is chock full of great information, goodies, teaching videos and more.  The value in the book is top notch. But, I was only utilizing what I learned in Pinterest Ninja but not implementing the other tools.  In order to really kill it at Pinterest and simultaneously create the kind of pins that will have people running to your website or blog you might have to do more.

Which brings me to Tailwind (resource # 2).  Now before you start rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself “oh no not another article about Tailwind, who doesn’t know about Tailwind”, stay with me.

Yes, Tailwind is definitely another resource you need to level up on Pinterest to get the engagement and reach you want, but it’s still not all you need. However, automating your pins will save you time and help you reach way more people than you will be able to by pinning manually.

Now here’s my next little nifty resource that you want in your life if you use Pinterest and have a blog/website.   This plugin (resource # 3) accomplishes what’s hard to do on your own. It allows you to optimize your blog’s images for Pinterest, SEO, and screen readers.  You can also set Pinterest descriptions for your images that will perform well in Pinterest search including hashtags, keywords, and whatever else you want to include.  You can hide hidden Pinterest-specific images on your website front-end with one click, and you can disable pinning on certain images.  As if that wasn’t already enough the plugin also allows you to automatically add the default Pinterest hover button to your images so readers can come back to your content when ready, and my favorite part-you can force users to pin your Pinterest hidden images.  That way you’re in control of which images your audience uses to pin your articles.

Now onto resource # 4.  Templates!   Oh my!  Discovering the world of templates has been a godsend.  How come no one ever mentioned this to me? I’ve been blogging a couple of years and now I have finally figured out the “secret” of how some bloggers are constantly creating awesome pins.

Pinterest templates allow you to create fabulous pins with very little effort in mere seconds.

Templates allow you use a foundational design that’s already done for you to create your pin.  Then you just basically add your heading and picture.  It sounds like what you do already but nope, not so.  Templates have already created the design, colors, and style for you.  They are creative and professional looking.  You can add your own touches or keep the template how it is after adding your heading, pictures, and changing the color (if you want to).

It’s hard to explain without seeing it.  With templates you don’t have to be an artist, take a class on creating pins, be computer savvy, or creative.  If you’re still confused check out these chic and lovely templates to see what I mean.

Best practices when it comes to Pinterest includes creating multiple templates for your articles to pin.  Pinterest loves when you create different pins for the same post for some reason.  They see these new pins as new material on your website.  So you’ll want to create about 2-4 template designs/pins for each post to create more content for your Pinterest account. Templates can help you do just that.

You can use a free Canva account to edit your templates. Canva also has some templates you can use for free but IMHO nothing beats using beautiful templates created by those who know how to create beautiful pins by creating templates.

What will you need to edit your Canva Templates?  Pretty, high-quality stock photos (resource # 5).  They will make all the difference to your graphics. There are a few places where you can get free stock photos.

I recommend buying at least a few quality stock photos to enhance your pins.  You can also shop for your stock photos by niche.  I love that concept.  This way you are more liable to find the kind of image you want.

So there it is all laid out for you.  If you incorporate these 5 tools and resources into your Pinterest strategy you’ll see a vast improvement in your engagement, followers, clicks to your websites (don’t forget those clever headlines), and re-pins.

Give this a try for a couple of months and report back to me what happens.  Just remember you have to utilize all 5 tools AND be consistent in pinning (which Tailwind can do for you with their scheduling).

Let me know some processes that are working for you and what the results are.  I love hearing how my fellow bloggers are winning!

Happy Pinning!


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