The Home Maintenance Checklist

One of the most tedious, yet most important tasks is home maintenance. It is important to have a home maintenance checklist to keep your home clean and organized as it could improve the quality of your life, as well as your home business. Although home maintenance may not be a topic one thinks of when it comes to having a home business, it should be if clients come to your home. Even if you don’t have clients that come to your house, keeping a clean, organized house will help you focus better and enrich your life. When everything is in its place, the atmosphere is conducive to a more functional space and flow.  Fewer worries about something breaking down or looking unkept means you can focus on other priorities.  It’s no coincidence that people are more creative and productive when everything is running smoothly.  Therefore, whether you have clients that come to your home or not, having a home maintenance plan and checklist is important.

A clean home will not only be pleasing to look at but helps to keep important objects uncluttered and easy to find. It may take a little work and money, but home maintenance is definitely worth it. A few simple home maintenance tasks could massively change the outlook of your home. Here is a simple home maintenance checklist that can turn your home into the envy of your neighborhood.

Clean Your Outdoors

It is of utmost importance that your lawn and outside area of your home is clean, as it is the first thing people will see of your home. You can start by making sure that your outside is completely clean. You can do this by raking up stray leaves, cleaning your gutters, fertilizing your grass, and trimming your plants and hedges. In addition, your lawn should be constantly mowed and you should never let it grow to be too long.

If maintaining the upkeep of your lawn and outside becomes too much, you can always pay a local student looking for work a small amount of money to complete the task. Many high school students are looking for these freelance jobs for some extra spending money. If you’re looking to add some beauty to the outside of your home try planting some new trees or flowers. The new flora could add some personality to the outside of your home. In addition, you could repaint your house to make it appear newer and more modern.  The outside of your home is the first thing others see. First impressions go a long way.

Maintain Your Interior

Once your outdoor situation is taken care of, its time to focus on maintaining the indoor portion of your home. You can start by making sure your hardwood and tile floors are swept and mopped and your carpets are vacuumed and steam cleaned. If you have pets, make sure their areas are cleaned up and try to limit the amount of pet hair on your furniture. This can be accomplished by having regular wash cycles for things such as comforters and blankets.

When it comes to your appliances, it is extremely important to maintain their upkeep. For example, you should be checking your plumbing to make sure there are no leaks or any other disruptions. In addition, try to maintain the upkeep of your air conditioner and cooling units. Look for things such as your local r-22 refrigerant price or the price of other products you may need to use. This can help keep cost down if you purchase these items yourself as opposed to the maintenance guy. Finally, if you have a chimney make sure you continue to do regular checkups on it, even if you rarely use it. By doing this you can improve the air quality of your home. Since you will spend the majority of time inside your home, it is important that your home looks and feels great.

Manage Waste

One of the easiest ways to ruin your home’s good maintenance is by improperly managing its waste. Make sure that your trash bins never become too full and that the trash is constantly being taken out when needed. Also make sure you’re discarding old items, such as furniture, when you replace them. You don’t need old items cluttering up your house. In addition, make sure that your home properly separates waste into garbage and recycling. This makes managing the waste from inside your home much easier. Finally, when cleaning your outside, place your leaves and trimmings in bags or bins. Coordinate with your town or city to find out when garbage pickup is, and have them take all of your excess waste from your lawn care. Keeping your home waste-free is of utmost importance for home maintenance.

Implementing these simple tips will help keep your house running smoothly and give clients a glimpse of how you function.  After all, who wants to work with someone whose messy and disorganized?  Your clients may think you run your business the same way you run your household.  Besides, even if you do not have clients come to your house, the point is that a well-maintained house will trickle down into a well-maintained business.

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