Ebates Tips and Hacks (Making Money with Ebates)

Many of you have been asking about Ebates and what you can do with it. Don’t ask what you can do with Ebates!  Ask what Ebates can do for you! Ha! Since I’ve discovered Ebates recently I’ve made $200.  It wasn’t that hard either. That’s a nice chunk considering I only learned of and signed up for Ebates a couple of months ago and haven’t focused on promoting referrals too much.  Now I’m going to tell you how you can do the same.

If you’re not familiar with Ebates, it’s a free service that allows shoppers to shop online at retailers and earn cash back on purchases.

Have you heard that saying if you want to win the lottery then you first have you play? Well the same concept with Ebates! If you want to make money from Ebates, you first have to sign up for it.  No sense in reading this post and getting stoked about making money and then never doing anything about it.  All it takes is a few minutes.


First, create your free Ebates account. You can sign up here. Once you sign up the first order of business if you want to start making money right away is to invite your friends and family to join so that you can get paid with the Refer a Friend program they have.  Click on Refer and Earn once you sign up and are logged into your account.  How it works is you invite people to join using your referral link.  Once they join and spend $25 then you earn $5 for each referral.  Sometimes what you earn is even higher than $5 if they are doing a promo.  But $5 per referral can add up quickly and has been the minimum that you earn with referrals. The person you referred gets an automatic $10 when they sign up with Ebates and spend $25 or more.  So really you’re only spending $15.  However, to get you going, Ebates will give you $25 for each of your first 3 referrals when they sign up through your referral link and earn their $10 bonus. After that, is when Ebates follows a referral system where you earn $5 per referral and get increasingly larger bonuses over time.


Now, if you don’t think you’ll ever shop enough to earn money from Ebates then think again! They have tons of opportunities and stores to shop at.  Tip:  Add the Ebates button to your Chrome browser as an easy access way to start shopping and earn without having to log into the Ebates website each time you shop. Although I do like to log into my Ebates dashboard and look around.  You can find valuable information and things to do on the website.  Using the Ebates button on your Chrome browser you can see how much you’ve earned, find deals, search stores, and get promo coupons for discounts. You have to shop anyway so why not get something out of it?  Just a few of the tons of stores that offer Ebates include Amazon, Target, Walmart, Groupon, Home Depot, Ebay, and too many department stores to name, and more. Just be sure to click on any store you shop at through the Ebates link once you log onto Ebates.  Each store offers a different percentage and varies depending on the season of course. The percentage also depends on, sales and special offers.

However, if you don’t plan on installing the Ebates button on your Chrome Browser and using it to shop, then just be sure to add items to your cart after signing in through your Ebates account. To earn the $10 bonus rebate just make sure your total is above $25. After earning your $10 you can either get it in the form of a Walmart gift card or keep it in your account and let it add up. Checks are sent out quarterly.

Remember that Ebates rebates actually give you money. Other similar rebate websites only offer points.  I don’t know about you but I’m choosing cash each and every time when given a choice out of cash and something else.  Keep in mind that there are other ways to earn cash back through online shopping than just shopping!  Completing task related to online shopping can earn you cash as well.  Using certain credit cards and/or connecting them to your account is one example.  If you’re like me and always on the go be sure to download the Ebates app. You should be using Ebates anytime you shop online especially when you need to purchase big ticket items as this means more money for you.

Sign up & get your $10 bonus.

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