How to Start a Successful Freelancing Business

Learn what it takes and how to be a successful freelancer.

Project Management Tools for Increased Productivity

Learn how to utilize these 5 Project Management Tools to help you be more productive!

How to Legitimize your Business

Learn how to set up a business that is legal and legit!  Business owners have enough to think about without the worry of legal woes!

Profitable Printables

Printables are so popular.  You can help others organize their lives, goals, and businesses, and stay on track by creating and selling printables that help others do just that. Learn how to create a profitable online Printable Business.  

Become a Digital Shop Owner

Sell your printables, planners, or whatever other digital items you want to sell on Etsy or other platforms.  This course will show you how.  

Become a Transcriptionist

Being an excellent transcriptionist — one that actually gets hired — involves much more than the ability to listen and type. These courses were developed to transform typists into transcriptionists in as little as 2-4 months.

Start your Own Scoping Business

What is Scoping?  Scoping is what the Court Reporting Industry calls editing.  An individual receives a transcript and audio from a court reporter, downloads it into his/her software, and edits the transcript to be correct according to the audio.  Learn how to start your own scoping business.

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More coming soon..

More coming soon…

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Invest in yourself!

The old adage “it takes money to make money” is sometimes true.  Starting a new business or side hustle can be an exciting time.  But that doesn’t mean you stop learning, growing, and creating once your business or side hustle is up and running.  Continuous learning is just a part of business.  There’s just no way around it.  However, that doesn’t have to mean you have to break the bank or stress yourself out.  Go at your own pace on your own terms.