Checklist for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Have you been wanting to create your own digital products but don’t quite know where to start? Or perhaps you have dreams of starting your own coaching business but the thought of doing so leaves you feeling overwhelmed.  If so then you should check out these checklists for bloggers and entrepreneurs below.

When I have “where to begin” problems I always find it extremely helpful to have a checklist to guide me in the right direction.  I find that checklist not only give me direction on how to go about creating something new in my business, but they also help me think of spin-off ideals from the checklist. Before I know it, I have lots of information and a solid plan on how to get from A to Z in whatever I want to create.

No matter what kind of business you have, these 5 checklist will help you get tto where you want to be!

Create Your Own Digital Products Checklist

  • Determine what problem your product will solve. The best products are a solution to a problem that troubles your community.
  • Pick the topic. Once you know what you’ll help your community solve, describe the topic in just a word or a phrase.
  • Give it a title. Try to choose a product name that will be catchy and easy to remember.
  • Choose your product format. Will you share your content as text, audio, or video? Some product creators use a combination.   Send Owl is a good platform to selling your Digital Products.  They also have a section where you can set up an affiliate program if you’d like.
  • Think about bonuses you could include. Adding a bonus makes your product look more valuable to your audience.
  • Set the price point. How much will you charge for this product? Will you offer a discount or another incentive to buyers?
  • Get started. Now, that you know what your product is about, you can begin creating it. Break it down into smaller tasks if you need to.
  • Create a sales page. After you’re done with the creation phase, focus on the sales page.
  • Launch your product. Email your list and let them know how excited you are to be sharing your new launch with them.

 Publish a Resources Page Checklist

  • Start with a list. Think of all the resources you’re already using to run your blog or your business.
  • Focus on what your community will use. Promote products that will be relevant to your audience and you’ll see more commissions.
  • Get images. Using images on your resources page is a great way to boost your clickthrough rate.
  • Use an affiliate tracker. Visitors don’t trust long, garbled links. So, install an affiliate tracker like Pretty Links.
  • Consider adding tangible items. Think about the everyday products that help you run your business like your favorite headset for conference calls or the microphone you use for podcasting.
  • Share your links. If you old content that covers a positive experience you had with the company, link to from your resources page.
  • Publish your page. Once you have a few products on the page, put online and start promoting it on social media.
  • Add new items. Every six months, review your resources page. Consider adding links to any new products you’ve started using

 Set Up an Affiliate Program Checklist

  • Choose your affiliate technology. If you’re already using shopping cart software, see if they provide an affiliate option.
  • Establish your commission rate. Remember, affiliates usually want 50% on digital products and 10-20% on premium services or products.
  • Make a mailing list for affiliates. This gives you a way to contact affiliates when you have something new for them to promote.
  • Record training videos. Show your affiliates how to use your software so they can easily share their link.
  • Cancel auto-approve. Never automatically approve affiliates. All it takes is one unethical affiliate to ruin your brand.
  • Talk with potential affiliates. Don’t be afraid to reach out and let them know you have a product that might be a good fit for their community!
  • Create affiliate content. Have an area of your website dedicated to swipe content.
  • Give your affiliates coupon codes. Discounts can be a great way to convince a new buyer to take a chance on one of your products.
  • Use affiliate contests. Make sure the prizes you’re offering are valuable

Start a Group Coaching Program Checklist

  • Choose the goal of your group. A good group starts with a clear focus!
  • Name your group. What would you like your community to be known for?
  • Decide on the ideal number of members. How many people do you think you could serve at once?
  • Consider what material you’ll use. If you’ll be teaching members a skill or course, check your previous content to see what you can recycle.
  • Select the duration. Some group coaching programs go for 8-12 weeks while other groups are designed to last for several months.
  • Bring in help. Will you need a virtual assistant to make sure the group stays on track?
  • Get clear on the member benefits. Giving participants special perks can make them eager to sign up.
  • Pick your meeting location. Will you meet with members through Facebook Live, on Zoom, or through another platform?
  • Set your price point. Think about how much personal time and attention you plan to give each member.
  • Create a sales page. Now that you’ve hammered out the details of your group coaching program, get to work on your sales page!

Make a Tripwire Offer Checklist

  • Brainstorm a tripwire product. If you’re having trouble with this step, ask a business friend or mentor you trust to help you.
  • Build your tripwire offer. Remember, this should be a full-length product that’s valuable to your community. Take your time with this step and make a tripwire that you’ll be proud to share.
  • Refresh your free gift. When working on a tripwire, you may realize it’s time to change or update your existing opt-in.
  • Write the sales copy for your tripwire. If you’d like, you can hire a content creator who specializes in sales copy for this step. These tripwire templates are awesome!
  • Upload the product to your shopping cart. Remember, you want it have an irresistibly low price point.
  • Tag new customers. Regardless of what email software you’re using, you’ll want to have a special segment just for buyers of your tripwire.
  • Upload an email sequence. Write 2-4 emails that are short and helpful. Let customers know how to get in touch with you if they encounter a problem.
  • Announce your new offer on social media. Don’t be shy…tell your fans and followers about your latest tripwire and invite them to sign up for it!

Checklists can be very useful tools in helping you move forward in your business and bring about creativity.  Plus, if you have a thorough checklist, all the important aspects of the implementation of your plan will be covered leaving little room to forget anything.

The planning process of your business is just as important as the final product.  Keep that in mind the next time you come across a great ideal for your business.

Hopefully these checklists are already bringing out some great ideals for your business.  What checklists or templates have you used or created that have been helpful to the growth of your business?


checklists for bloggers and entrepreneurs


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  1. You’ve got really great tips in this post! I like that you have covered the checklists for different areas of blogging.
    Just wondering, is there actually a printable checklist that I can get from you based on the information you have in this blog post!
    I think that would be even more helpful!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. That’s a great ideal! I will work on adding that and let you know when it’s done.

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