Around 2013, a game change came along when it comes to using graphic software like Photoshop and Adobe Pro. That game changer is called Canva. There are many reasons to use Canva in your Online Business. We’ll discuss 7 of those reasons why you need Canva in your online business.

For those that are design-challenged when it comes to marketing material and don’t want to pay for expensive graphic tools with steep learning curves Canva is a life saver.  There’s no need to spend tons of time creating designs when you have a tool like Canva.

In the past, marketers on a tight budget would try to create their own graphics instead of outsourcing the job.

These days, thousands of marketers swear by Canva and many are making a good income with it.

Let’s see why you’re missing out by not having a Canva account.

  1. Value for money

The first thing about Canva that stands out and makes it so popular is that you can open a free account with them. You could create tons of your own graphics without paying a single cent.

This is truly value for money and something that’s quite rare in an industry where paywalls and restrictions are imposed upon users to get them to pay for a subscription. Canva overdelivers on all fronts.

Should you choose to upgrade (highly recommended), you’ll unlock several features like having access to millions of stock photos, resources and more. You’ll be able to work in teams on the platform too. So, collaboration is a breeze on Canva.

With an upgraded account, you can remove backgrounds, resize images, brand your content easily and much more.

So, while you can get a lot done with a free account, an upgraded one does come with a lot more perks. The best part of it all – the monthly fee is highly affordable, unlike other graphic tools which can be expensive.

Check out Canva Pro’s features here.

  • Pre-made templates

One of the reasons why marketers struggle to create images that are aesthetically pleasing is because they do not understand the elements of good design. They’re unaware of clashing colors, garish fonts and so on.

The good news is that Canva provides you tons of free templates that have been designed by professional designers. All you’ll need to do is add your own text and maybe add an image to the design (if you want to).

It’s hard to go wrong with Canva because the ‘framework’ of a beautiful design is already done for you.

  • Canva will save you time

Creating an image from scratch is similar to writing when you’re faced with a blank sheet – it’s daunting. Getting the creative process rolling takes mental effort and time.

Since time is money, you want the job done fast – but it has to be done well. With the Canva templates, you’ll be able to create an appealing and attention-grabbing image in minutes. It doesn’t get easier or faster than this.

Marketers who leverage social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram will immediately appreciate how immensely useful Canva is. The sheer quantity of content required for one to gain traction on social media can be mind-boggling.

To create copious quantities of images with speed will require access to a bunch of templates – exactly like what Canva has.

Furthermore, Canva understands marketers’ plight and they’ve even created templates with sizes specific to the different social media platforms. You just need to choose if you’re creating an image for Pinterest, Instagram, a Facebook post, or some other media platform.

They’re so good at what they do that you can even choose whether it’s an Instagram reel or a square post you’re creating an image for.

Similarly, you could choose a landscape design for Facebook or an 800 X 2000px image for an infographic.

The possibilities are endless. What more could you ask for?

  • Library of resources

Well, you could ask for a library of resources to use with your images… and guess what?

Canva has that too.

With a free account you’ll be able to access thousands of royalty-free images from sites like Pixabay. In the past, marketers would need to visit different sites to get free images, download them and then use those images in their designs.

With Canva, you can stay on the platform and directly import the free images into your folder and use them in your designs. This will save you time and effort.

With a Canva Pro account, you’ll have access to millions more photos, videos, audios and more. So Canva is like a one-stop shop for your design needs.

  • Flexible

You can export your work in PNG and JPG formats. You could even create MP4 videos with your images.

Besides the different file formats, you can design posters, infographics, resumes, checklists, and more.

Even if you’re a proficient graphic designer, you’ll be amazed at how convenient Canva makes things for you.

  • Easy to use

Tools like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are a lot more complex and difficult to master. While one must admit that these tools are much better than Canva for graphic design, they’re best used by professional designers.

The average marketer just wants to churn out quick images that look good and get attention. They’re not looking to create graphic masterpieces.

The focus is on marketing. Good enough is good enough to get the job done.

So, most online marketers will be better off with Canva because they’ll be able to create images quickly and without hassle. There are many Canva tutorials on YouTube to help guide you too.

  • Canva can be highly profitable

If you’re a marketer who publishes low content books, Canva will be invaluable to you. When combined with Creative Fabrica, your images will be exceptionally exquisite.

If you’re a freelance graphic designer who offers your design services on sites like Fiverr and Legiit, you’ll love Canva because it allows you to create images quickly. The faster you complete the job, the more gigs you can take on.

In fact, there are many successful designers on these freelance platforms whose sole tool of the trade is Canva.

The third group of marketers who can profit with Canva are those who make white label templates and sell them in bundles. In fact, there are marketers who are making 5-7 figures a year just creating templates in Canva and selling them to niche marketers.

You’ll only need to do the work once and you can sell your work repeatedly and keep profiting from it. If your marketing skills are on point, you could have an entire store filled with editable graphic templates.

Once your customers buy from you, you just need to send them the Canva link to the templates and they can edit them to their heart’s content. It can all be done with automation.

The buyer will only need a free Canva account to access and edit the templates. That’s fantastic.

After reading the 7 points above, it’s easy to understand how invaluable Canva will be in your business… not to mention the profit potential of this versatile platform.

Affordable, easy to use and advantageous in your business. Canva doesn’t need any hype. It’s truly a godsend to marketers.

Visit Canva and see for yourself what a great tool it is.

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